ICONIC Sales Support

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ICONIC Sales Support

According to industry studies, average sales professionals spend 40-65 percent of their time on non-sales-related tasks such as administrative and back-office services.  Being so focused on those tasks means your top sales reps are not selling or staying ahead of the competition.

If your organization is challenged by limited personnel, resources or budgeting, you may feel like you have to work harder and longer just to keep pace, setting you on a slippery slope of sinking morale and expectations.

Partnering with ICONIC for outsourced sales-support services is an affordable way to beef up your operations and free up your time so you can remain competitive.  Plus, we're continuously improving our procedures to bring you even greater marketplace advantages.


Close the Big Deal With ICONIC Sales Support

We help your team perform better and sell more.  We apply concierge-style treatment to work closely with you on those non-strategic tasks that prevent your team from doing what it does best:  Sell.  You get an exclusive team that delivers incremental revenue by absorbing your pre-sales activities and post-sales support services:


1.   Data collection (e.g., New Vendor Documents, specifications, price lists, PowerPoints,

      Sales Sheets, Sell Sheets)

    2.   Customer orders, invoices for retainers and commissions

3.   New Item Setups, Submissions specific to the U.S. Military Resale System

4.   Develop and maintain the company website


Through these activities, which are entirely streamlined by integrating with your systems, we can help you amass new accounts and retain existing ones, as well as maximize distribution of your new and traditional products.

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